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Shut Up and Fuck Her!

Featuring: Alyssa Branch and Ivan Nukes
Date: August 10th, 2011
Duration: 25:41
"Shut up and kiss me already." Alyssa knows what she wants-hard cock! We appreciate how straight forward she is. One second she's giving this guy a guitar lesson, and the next she has her meaty pussy lips wrapped around his face. When it's her turn for some sucky-sucky, Alyssa lavishes her fuck-buddy's cock with spit from her warm, inviting mouth. They start fucking and Alyssa gets a nice pounding while lying on her side, one leg up in the air. She has the kind of juicy ass that's perfect for doggie-style, so they do that too. She's red-faced and moaning the whole time, muttering "oh, fuck" between thrusts. After some more ball-slapping action she gets a steaming hot wad sprayed up her pussy!

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