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Locked Out

Featuring: Ava Sparxxx
Date: March 3rd, 2014
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Sometimes Ava has a little bit of penis envy. She's locked out of the house and has to go to the bathroom really bad. Being a girl, she has to go through a bit more trouble to pee than a guy. "Guys can just whip out their dick and pee anywhere! They're lucky. Girls have to pull their bottoms all the way down, find a hidden place to squat and worry about not peeing on their shoes!" So what do you do when you have to pee and there's no bathroom? "I suck it up and pop a squat! And I check very carefully to make sure there's no one around to see me. One time I peed in front of a bum sleeping in the bushes!" Some guys like it when girls pee. "Oh, I know! Plenty of guys have asked me if they can watch. Some even ask me for photos or videos of me peeing. Hey, whatever gets you off!" Ava actually did pee during this shoot (you didn't think we'd make her hold it, did you?). .

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April 20, 2014
she has got a great Ass
March 03, 2014
Oh yes!!! Ava can pee on me any day! 18eighteen should definitely look into producing more peeimg sets. One of
the most erotic things in the world - to watch a gorgeous girl urinate.

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