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Wide Eyed, Wide Open

Featuring: Delila Darling
Date: January 5th, 2010
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Delila is a cock convert. "Before I met my boyfriend, I was a lesbian. I never thought I would be into guys, but he changed my mind." Someone should give that guy an award for bringing this cute teen over to the dick side. Her boyfriend must've known that Delila was made for cock. Nothing looks more natural than those large, curious eyes gazing up at a man while his dick rests inside her pretty mouth. We're not saying that she should give up pussy, but it would be a shame if no man ever explored her love tunnel. Good thing she's spreading for guys now. "I'm so glad my boyfriend turned me on to dick. I didn't know what I was missing when I was a lezzie." How did Delila's boyfriend turn her from a lezzie to a fan of dick? "He came up to me while I was walking my dog and started talking to me, and he was just really nice. And cute. I was shocked because I had never been attracted to a guy before that.

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