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So Bootyful

Featuring Emiliana Grey
Date February 12th, 2011
Photos 40
Emiliana, you have a great body. You must spend a lot of time exercising. "I do exercise but not that much. I like to go jogging a few times a week. And I go to the gym when I can. My favorite way to exercise is to have sex. Nothing gets me hot and sweaty like a good fucking. Do you know how much work a girl has to do when she's on top? A lot! And I love being on top. It's my favorite way to cum." Did you get that ass from working out? "No, I was born with this ass, baby! Sometimes I do squats to work my ass, though. I'll squat at the gym, and I'll squat over a guy's cock.

What Members are saying about this update...

February 16, 2011
Why did you guys delete my post? Is it because u realized u actually made a mistake in posting an old gallery and think we wouldn't notice. C'mon guys we all make mistakes, just man up and admit it.
davey gawt a boner
February 15, 2011
im so hard for her tang
February 14, 2011
Any particular reason you guys are reposing a gallery (The Hottest Librarian You'll Ever See!- Naughty Neighbors) from a couple of years ago? I should think you couldn't run out of models or maybe you thought we wouldn't notice.

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