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Hipster Honey

Featuring Fey Knight
Date August 23rd, 2010
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Fey is so cool. And that's hot! "I'm not into the things that other girls in my class are into. I like to watch foreign and independent films and listen to underground bands. On the weekend you can find me at a local show or checking out a new exhibit at the museum. I don't like the same kinds of guys that other girls like either. I like guys who are into the same things as me, smart guys. But I guess the one thing I do have in common with most other girls is that I want a guy who will make the first move and be a little aggressive." So you like things that are different. Is that true when you fuck, too? "I think when it comes to sex I'm not like, super-kinky, but I'm not totally boring either. The most extreme things I'm into are like, spanking and rough sex. I think the kinkiest thing I've ever done is have sex in some random person's car on the street.

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September 01, 2010
I like this model a lot. She's not conventionally beautiful, but she has a quirky kind of cuteness that I find strangely hot. She looks like she'd actually be fun in the sack - just look at the smile. Would like to see more of Fey in the future.

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