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Giving Goalie

Featuring: Fiona Rossi
Date: April 2nd, 2009
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Fiona catches balls on the field and cum on the face. "It takes a lot of energy and skill to be a good goalie and a good cocksucker. Fiona is the star goalie at her high school. What does that tell you about her? "Not all athletic girls are lezzies. I like cock just as much as any cheerleader. What I especially like is to suck it," Fiona said. That's right. Fiona is a blow-job maniac, one who's really good at what she does. "The best part of giving a BJ is the pop. The whole reason I'm blowing him in the first place is so he'll cum, so when he does it's really satisfying for me." Do you prefer for the guy to cum on your face or on your body? "Actually the best place for them to cum is in my mouth, but that's just because I love the taste of it so much. The next best place is my face, because it feels all warm and nice.

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March 01, 2017
Sporty shoots are always a bonus esp with a willing hottie!!! Gret worx

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