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Slit Du Jour

Featuring: Goldy Lee
Date: December 1st, 2009
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"I have a pretty, little pussy." Before we agree with Goldy, what exactly is a pretty pussy? Is it one that is hairless, smooth and pink? Are the labia little and neat or large and juicy? What it comes down to is personal preference. But we have to admit, whether you like tiny slits or more protruding pussy lips, Goldy's cunt is definitely inviting. "I keep my little pussy shaved in case anyone wants to pet it. And it's so nice, I don't think it should be covered with hair. You should be able to see it and lick it when it's bare. If you stick your tongue in the hole, that's where it's the sweetest." Sticking your cock in that hole is pretty sweet, too. Goldy's pussy is as nice on the inside as it is on the outside. It's wet, pink and tight and feels like it was made for your cock. "I haven't had that much sex so I guess that's why my pussy is so tight. One guy told me that my box was so little he didn't think he could fit his cock inside of it. I told him not to worry and just go slow, because it felt really good to me." Every time Goldy has sex, she says it's like her first time all over again.

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