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Cheeky Babe

Featuring Jessi Rogers
Date January 4th, 2013
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Do you ever wish you had big tits to match your big ass, Jessi? "It would be cool if I naturally had big tits, but I wouldn't get surgery to make them bigger. I'm perfectly fine with them being small. As long as I have a big ass I'm okay with having little tits. But I do like big boobs on other girls. There's this one girl I know with huge tits. She let me suck them before and it was really hot. She also went to town on my little titties." What else did you do with this big-tit girl? "We went down on each other and fingered each other. She even licked my asshole. She was obsessed with my big butt, and I was obsessed with her big boobs. We both liked being with a girl who was the opposite." How do you keep your pussy and ass so smooth and hairless? "Well I'm Brazilian so of course I get a Brazilian bikini wax.

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ass lover
December 20, 2013
best asshole ever
January 08, 2013
You don't need big boobs, my dear. You have a gorgeous butt and gorgeous nipples, and you are also very pretty!
January 07, 2013
For me this is what 18eighteen is all about. Cute young cock socket, white cotton panties, knee high socks and a shaved pussy to die for!
January 04, 2013
great smile, twinkle in your eyes.a pussy that is havenly

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