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Call Back Girl

Featuring: Katie Lewis
Date: June 11th, 2011
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Katie, on your model questionnaire you said your nickname was the "call back girl." What's the story behind that? "I got that nickname because I tamed one of the bad boys at my school. They called him rip and dip Rick because he was notorious for fucking girls and then never calling them back. He was a total dick. Well, I ended up fucking him, and he actually called me back for seconds..and thirds and fourths! We actually dated for a little bit. Ever since then I've been the call back girl!" Why do you think out of all the girls he called you back? "Because my pussy is just that good! It might also have been because I acted like I didn't care. I thought it was just going to be a one night stand, so I acted casual. I guess he wasn't used to that! And then when we were fucking he kept telling me how good my pussy felt and how tight it was. I was working his cock pretty good, too. I started riding him hard and he came. He said that was the first time anyone made him cum from being on top." What was your favorite sexual encounter? "It was actually with an older guy who works at the library down the street from my house.

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August 09, 2016
Man she's amazing, from her eyes to her legs she's drop dead sexy.

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