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Bikini Buster

Featuring: Laylah Diamond
Date: December 13th, 2011
Photos: 40
Laylah, do you ever just chill with your big boobs hanging out? "Sometimes. I'll tan topless if I have the house to myself. Or I'll hang out in my room topless and take sexy pictures with my webcam. I haven't sent them to anyone though! I've only recently gotten comfortable with my boobs so I definitely hang out topless more often than I used to. When my boobs first started to grow in I was kind of embarrassed by them, but now I totally like them. I've realized they're a gift, not a burden! I've even started wearing low-cut shirts and push-up bras to show off my chest. I feel much better now that I've decided to embrace having big boobs." In the June '10 issue you were a virgin. Are you still a virgin now? "No way. I've had sex and I love it! I also realized that I love jacking guys off with my boobs. Guys really like big boobs, and that's part of the reason why I've gotten more confident about my chest.

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