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Sergeant's Dirty Slut

Featuring: Lena Hartley
Date: December 13th, 2010
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Lena loves herself a military man. The dog tags and fatigues belong to Lena's boyfriend, who's in the army. They met at a Fourth of July parade, and his soldier uniform set off the fireworks in her panties. Now she writes him letters while he's away overseas. "It kind of sucks being in a long-distance relationship, but when I do get to see him again the sex is so amazing! He's the only guy I've ever been with. I love writing him naughty letters about how hot and horny I am and sending him dirty pictures of my pussy. In fact, I even plan to send him a copy of this magazine when it comes out so he has some good jacking material! He knows about it and is totally excited. He thinks that it's not only hot that I'll be in a magazine, but that other guys will be jerking off looking at his girl naked." So what do Lena and her boyfriend do when they get lonely? "We have an open relationship. I haven't fucked anyone else yet but I've made out with a few guys and given some blow jobs. I know my boyfriend has fucked some other girls.

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