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Petite & Pounded

Featuring: Lena Hartley and Juan Largo
Date: December 15th, 2011
Photos: 53
Lena, would you say that you're a kinky girl? "Hell yeah! I'm the kind you don't take home to momma. I broke up with my boyfriend, so right now I'm all about having fun and hooking up. I'm so not looking for anything serious. I just want to have sex like, all the time. And I'm down to try just about anything, so long as you treat me with respect. And just a warning, if we fuck, make sure no one else is home, 'cause I can get loud! Unless you want people to hear." Do you like guys to play with your ass? "Yes! But not anal. I love anal, but that's for special occasions. But feel free to lick and finger my ass all you want." What's the kinkiest sex you ever had? "I fucked some guy in the bathroom on a plane. He was sitting next to me and we hit it off. He started fingering me, so we took it to the bathroom to finish up.".

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