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Lip Service

Featuring: Lia Ezra
Date: March 17th, 2014
Photos: 41
Lia is a native Floridian who likes to soak up the sun. "I dress like a total Florida girl..tank tops, sandals, shorts. That is, when I'm wearing any clothes at all. I've kind of become a nudist. Being in such a hot place will do that to you. Sometimes it's just plain ol' too hot to wear any clothes! And well, being naked is just one step closer to having sex." And the closer Lia can come to having sex, the better! She says that she likes to fuck more than four times a week and cums best from being on top. "Even if no one is around, I get horny when I'm naked. I just start touching myself and the next thing I know I'm totally masturbating." If being naked makes her horny, that means she was horny in these photos! But just to be sure, we asked her. "Well, I'm always horny pretty much. But yes, I'm horny right now," Lia told us.

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