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Perky Pussy

Featuring: Lia Ezra
Date: June 16th, 2014
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Lia, you look adorable in that yellow dress. "Thanks! I like to dress all flowery like this so guys think I'm innocent or adorable or whatever. I can totally act like a goody-two-shoes and make them think I'm pushing my boundaries by kissing them, then once we're in the bedroom I can show them who I really am! The look on a guy's face as his princess takes his entire cock down her throat in one long suck is priceless!" You keep showing off your asshole! "Last time I checked that was still okay, right? I'm starting to get more and more into anal sex so it just seems appropriate. Besides, I know what all your readers want to see. Sometimes, if I really like a guy, I'll put on a sexy show for him. You know the kind--plaid schoolgirl skirt, white buttondown blouse, white stockings. Anyway, I'll start dancing and bouncing around in the tiny skirt, having my butt peek out. Then, when he's practically drooling, I'll bend over and show him all my goodies! That gets a good rise out of them..and their cocks." Do you think of yourself as a slutty girl? "No way! Not in a million years. I'm actually pretty innocent until I get in the bedroom, you know? I might die of embarrassment if anybody I knew in high school saw me here. I just really enjoy getting to know a guy and then exploring our pleasures together. That's not slutty, that's just having a good time! Obviously, every once in a while I like to act out and do something dangerous or provocative, but that's just part of being young.

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June 16, 2014
Just love looking at teenage girls cunts and arseholes..Lia's is as cute as they come. Beautiful young cock

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