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Stretched Starfish

Featuring: Lila Rose
Date: April 1st, 2014
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Little Lila just can't get enough cock inside of her. We're lucky if a teen girl will take a finger up her butt, let alone a dick. But Lila went above and beyond, doing anal not only once, but twice! Here's the second scene, and this fat prick definitely stretched her starfish to maximum capacity. How did Lila develop such an affinity for backdoor banging? She tells us in her own words: "Even before I ever had sex I would always play with my ass when I masturbated--putting fingers and toys up it. It always felt really good, so I never had that fear of anal that some girls get. I was always just very open about my body. So once I started having sex it wasn't long before I was begging guys to fuck me in the ass.".

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