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Cock Crazed

Featuring: Lizzie Tucker and Juan Largo
Date: July 15th, 2011
Photos: 40
Are you cock-crazed, Lizzie? "Yeah, pretty much. Ever since the first time I saw one in an anatomy book I've been totally obsessed. Before I ever even had my first taste of cock I'd dream about it and fantasize about it. And then when I finally did touch and suck my first cock, it was everything that I thought it would be." How does this guy's cock measure up? "It's pretty nice. It's a good size, and it got really hard for me. I like it when guys manscape, too. You know, when they trim their pubes. It makes their cock look bigger, and their nuts are easier to suck when there's not too much hair in the way. I had fun sucking this guy's cock. And the sex was really good." What did you like about the way he fucked you? "I like that his cock was big enough and hard enough to fill me all the way up.

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