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Tiny Tits, Big Lips

Featuring: Lolly
Date: January 26th, 2015
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Lolly, what's it like to be a teen fuck star? Has anyone ever recognized you on the street? "I love my life! Fucking is my favorite thing to do, and doing it in front of a camera is so much fun. The great thing about fucking in a porno is that they usually pair you with a hot guy with a big, hard cock. Nothing tops that. As far as being recognized, I've only been approached once or twice by fans, and the guys were nice enough. They asked to take a picture with me and told me they enjoyed my photos in 18eighteen! I'm glad I can make other people happy just by cumming." Have you always been confident about your body? "Yes, pretty much. I mean, there were times I wished I had bigger boobs or a bigger butt, but it was nothing that got me down. I think having tiny tits suits my body type. I'm a skinny flattie, and I'm okay with that! The guys who are into me like my flat chest and my pointy nipples. And I think they're cute! Did you know guys who are into little tits love to cum on my chest? I'll swirl their cum around my nipples then lick it off my finger. They go wild for that!" And what about your juicy pussy lips? Do guys like those? "They like sucking on my big clit and labia.

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