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Featuring: Maci More
Date: April 17th, 2014
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Maci looks so innocent, and she is! All of our girls in 18eighteen are young, horny and willing to try new things, but few of them have as much to look forward to as Maci. She's only had sex with a couple of guys, but she wants more! It's not just cocks she's looking for either; she wants to try licking a pussy for the first time! What's your fantasy? "I haven't done a girl yet, but I totally would! It's my fantasy. I always think about them when I masturbate. I imagine my fingers are deep inside another girl's pussy and she's the one rubbing my clit. It works every time! It's like a little auto-cum button." She wants more than teeth drilled. When she was here last in Nov. '13, Maci mentioned having a crush on her dentist. We wanted to know if she made a move. "I've tried! I've made three appointments for no reason. My teeth are super clean! I'll always wear a really tight shirt with no bra and I've stopped wearing panties under my skirt. When I slide around in the chair I'm pretty sure he can see my pussy! He must be married or something because if I were him I would have totally screwed me by now." We can't imagine how anybody could resist! That smooth, milky skin and tasty ass would drive any man crazy! Those luscious Bcups are so squeezable we can't believe she ever covers them! With Maci looking this hot she won't have too much trouble finding another guy to fuck!

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July 29, 2014
I think I have found my favorite fantasy girl. Think of a sexy story... just add
Maci for good time and enjoy a good strong orgasm.

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