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Teen Photosets » Working Up A Sweat

Working Up A Sweat

Featuring: Charlie and Majella
Date: July 31st, 2009
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In case you haven't heard, working out does wonders for your libido. In their spare time, Majella and Vicky like to have a little lezzie playtime and nothing makes them crave each other's cunnies more than a good workout. They start breathing hard and working up a sweat. Their hearts are pounding and they need to rehydrate. What better way than to lap up each other's slit juice? How often do you workout, Majella? "I work my tongue out in Vicky's pussy at least once a day, oftentimes twice." Does Majella make you cum, Vicky? "She makes me cum better than anyone. She does this thing with her tongue where she swirls circles around my clit and it drives me crazy. Then she slurps up all my pussy juice and sucks on my clit gently. It's like she makes a meal out of my mound. I could lay there for hours running my fingers through her hair while she tongue-fucks me so good." And no pussy workout would be complete without a little stuffing. These two don't just lick, they fuck each other with rubber dongs, too. "I love watching a dildo go in and out of Vicky's wet pussy," says Majella. "If she's hot enough, she'll even let me stick a finger in her bum.".

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