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Horny in the UK

Featuring: Marie
Date: November 26th, 2011
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You look like a nice girl, Marie. Are we right or are we wrong? "You're not wrong. I'd say I'm a nice person, but I'm naughty, too. I have the highest sex drive out of all my girlfriends. When we talk about guys and sex they're always surprised by how often I want to shag. I'm the one they come to when they need sex advice. I guess they think I'm the most experienced! I've given blow job lessons to them before by practicing on a dildo. I've gotten on top of them and shown them how to move when they're riding a guy. Talking dirty is one of the things I'm best at, so I've given them lots of tips with that, too. I should start my own business." Can you talk a little dirty for us? "Usually I'll say things like, 'Oh, baby, you're fucking my pussy so good.

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