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Precocious Pussy

Featuring: Mary
Date: August 17th, 2015
Photos: 41
For a teen girl, Mary is very in tune with her pussy. As experts in the field of teen sex, we know that our girls love to fuck. But being as they're so new to sex, they don't always know how to maximize their pleasure. It does take experience to learn what your own personal cum combination is. Mary is an anomaly in that she already knows how to diddle her skittle to cream on her fingers or all over a cock. "I started masturbating early, so maybe that's why I already know what I like and how to cum. Or maybe I just have a really sensitive pussy." Do you always have an orgasm during sex? "Yes, I'll usually have at least two. The only times I don't cum are if the guy and I don't have chemistry. Also, I can cum in just about every position, and I have both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. My only limitation is that I can only cum from going slow. Getting fucked hard is fun, but I can't orgasm from it." What is the most orgasms you've had? "There was this one guy I was really into, and once when we had sex I came at least 10 times.

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February 12, 2017
What a sweetie
August 17, 2015
mary gorgeous girl sweet little pussy awesome pink luscious asshole more photos and video great job
August 17, 2015

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