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Rinse, Wash, Release

Featuring: Mila
Date: March 8th, 2010
Photos: 57
Laundry time is the best time to get lewd. Mila might be able to clean her clothes, but she's still a dirty girl. You can't wash something like that away. Her inhibitions are few and her desires are many. She's fulfilling one of her fantasies by posing nude for you. "I had so much fun taking off my clothes for you guys before (Mila also had a layout in July '08) that I decided to do it again. It made me realize that I'm an exhibitionist. I was always the first girl to want to go skinny dipping whenever there was a pool nearby, and the first one willing to flash her boobs and butt while riding in a car. I just like being naked and I like other people seeing me naked. So I figured the guys in your magazine would like to see me doing something normal like putting my clothes in the wash. And a lot of the time I do get naked when I do the laundry 'cause, well, all my clothes are dirty! And of course being naked makes me horny.

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