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Horny Shutterbug

Featuring: Natalie Heart
Date: December 13th, 2013
Photos: 40
Naughty Natalie can't seem to ever keep her panties on for too long.. "I actually don't wear panties too often, unless I know a guy is going to end up seeing them that day and I want to prolong the foreplay. I've been wearing some to my photography class lately because I have a crush on my professor. I want him to get a glimpse of my panties first so he starts getting ideas about what's underneath them. I've been staying after class a lot just to flirt with him." Do you think he's noticed you yet? "He totally has! I catch him looking down my blouse and following my ass with his eyes when I walk around the lab all the time. I usually find an excuse to bend down in front of him so he knows what's in store for him if he wants it. One of our recent projects was to take self-portraits, so I took some sexy shots and brought him the negatives. I could see his cock getting hard inside of his pants. He had to go and sit at his desk because it was getting to be so obvious! He told me he didn't think they were appropriate for class, but that he wanted to see more.." What else will you be showing off to him? "I've got the perfect plan. I once did a photo shoot with another girl.

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