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Spicy Ginger

Featuring Nikki
Date July 21st, 2014
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Hi, Nikki! Tell us about yourself. "Well, I'm from Chicago, and I love my city! I'm a big basketball fan. Go Bulls! I'm too young to remember Michael Jordan playing, though, which is too bad because I still have his poster hanging in my room! My best date ever took place at a Bulls game. A couple of years ago this guy from school asked me out, and I was totally going to say no, but he had really good tickets. The team ended up having a really great night, so I let the guy have a really great night, too! I gave him a sloppy blow job in the car on the way home." Was that the beginning of a winning streak? "You could say that! He had season tickets, so our romance lasted just as long. Don't feel bad for him, though. I told him that he'd get some action every time he took me out. He was happy with the deal. Eventually he got a girlfriend and she started going with him to the games. I still miss those seats. I probably should have started fucking both of them! I love the way pussy tastes, so it would have been a lot of fun to hook up with both of them.

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big ed
June 11, 2015
She is lovely. 5 stars and favourited.

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