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Lingering Lust

Featuring: Nina Nelson
Date: August 13th, 2011
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You look horny, Nina. Is there something that caused that or is that your natural state of being? "I am horny most of the time, but I feel especially horny right now 'cause I'm wearing my boyfriend's shirt. I put it on sometimes 'cause it's big and cozy, and it's comfy to wear. But my favorite part about it is that it smells like him. It makes me think of him, and then I get really horny. It's almost like he's there with me." Does the smell of your boyfriend make you want to masturbate? "Yes. I always end up touching myself whenever I wear his shirt. I smell him on the shirt, then I think of him, then I start thinking about the last time we had sex, or a time we had really hot sex. Then I can't help but touch myself while rolling around in the shirt and pressing it up against my face. I've made myself cum so much while wearing his shirt that it might just start to smell like my pussy! Then I can give it back to him, and maybe it'll have the same effect on him." Has he ever fucked you while wearing this shirt? "No.

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