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Double Trouble

Featuring: Paola Vega
Date: May 18th, 2009
Photos: 100
If you knew Paola, you'd be surprised to see her here. Something that readers might find interesting about Paola is that she's a straight-A student and she's never had a boyfriend before. "People who know me in my personal life think I'm so innocent and that I'd never do anything like pose nude. But they don't know the real me." She's willing to take naked pictures and do a lot more than that. In a way, 18eighteen readers know Paola better than some of her closest friends. You're seeing a side of her that not many know of. You're finding things out about her that she's never told anyone before. "Just because I've never had a boyfriend before doesn't mean that I'm a virgin. I've fucked before, but I keep it on the down low. My friends are super conservative so they'd freak if they found out.

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