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Cockbuster Night

Featuring: Remi Lee
Date: January 16th, 2009
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Hey, Remi. Are you a big movie buff?
"I love 'em! I always go see new releases the day they come out and I can recite most of the lines from all my favorite movies. I don't just watch mainstream movies, though. I like independent films, and I love porno!"

Are you watching a porno right now?
"Yeah. It's one of my favorites. This big-titty girl and her flat girlfriend go around seducing guys into threeways. Even though I've seen it a million times, it always gets me in a horny mood. I'm usually touching myself by the second scene and cumming by the fourth."

Have you ever made your own porn movie?
"No, the closest I've come to anything like that is fooling around in a movie theatre..while there were people in there, too! It was with an ex of mine. It was hard for us to get freaky 'cause we didn't really have anywhere to do it and we had all this sexual tension built up. So one time at the movies we started making out and it was over! I sucked his dick right there.

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