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Titillating Teen

Featuring: Sarah
Date: August 21st, 2009
Photos: 60
She has tits and she knows how to use them. Sarah wears low-cut tops and push-up bras. When she pays for stuff at the drug store, she makes sure to lean over the counter and squeeze her boobs together. When it's a little breezy out, she goes out braless in a white cotton T-shirt. Her pink nips pop through the thin material and everyone is happy. Guys get to check her out and she gets checked out. "My boobs are my favorite part of my body. I'm proud of them so I'm gonna show them off." "I developed early and my boobs are still growing. Who knows when they'll stop?" Sarah was the first busty girl in class. Even as the other girls started to develop their boobies, they couldn't catch up with Sarah's growing melons. "I've gone up a cup size every year for the past three years.

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