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Flexible Fuck

Featuring: Alina Li and Jeremy Ace
Date: November 27th, 2013
Duration: 20:52
Nervous ballerina Alina Li moved to the United States just a couple of years ago. Back in Shanghai she studied dance for a decade, hard to believe considering she is just 18 years old. Well, it's certainly paid off for us! She shows off her flexible body by maneuvering her lithe legs all the way behind her head. Her teenage pussy is too much of a draw for our stud, who has been watching from behind the camera. When he sees her splits, he comes to lick her slit! This tonguing makes her moan in ecstasy until it's her turn to go down. Considering her slight frame, one would forgive her for not being able to take a cock too far in her mouth. Luckily this isn't the case. As soon as she grabs that dick it disappears down her throat. She sucks his rod in and out of her throat with such ease you can tell he wants to see if she fucks just as well, so he flips her over and goes to town. As she screams and moans in pleasure you can see her pussy clamping down on his cock and it isn't long before he's ready to blast her pretty face with cum.

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