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Ava's First Three-way

Featuring: Ava Hardy and Juan Largo
Date: February 19th, 2014
Duration: 25:27
Ava Hardy is young and inexperienced. That's hot, right? Well, it's kind of a pain for her boyfriend Juan. See, he has to explain all the sex moves he wants to try before she'll let him do them. He had to explain deepthroating and facials, doggie-style and even creampies! So, when he decided that they'd try swinging, he decided to leave the legwork to Trixie, their wife-swapping neighbor. Trixie sits down with Ava and explains the whole thing, massaging the teen's thighs and pulling her onto her lap. Ava starts seeing the picture, and she likes the idea of it. Suddenly the girls are making out and Juan is getting hard as a rock. He whips out his impressive member and the two ladies take turns slobbering all over it, lubing him up for little Ava's first ever three-way fuckfest. .

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