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Teasing Titter

Featuring: Courtney and Carlos Rios
Date: May 8th, 2013
Duration: 29:28
Courtney's got kind of big boobs for a teen girl, but her pussy is just as tight and tiny as they come! She loves it when you pull her hair and show her who's boss. This guy is so turned on by her body he rips off her tights to expose her pussy and ass. His rough-housing makes her horny, so she licks his cock up and down, then swallows it deep. It's not long before Courtney is getting it hard from behind, moaning while she's getting fucked and giggling when she's being tossed around into a new position. She loves it hard, and that's exactly how she gets it. A pussy-pounding, tit-jiggling fuck session makes her cum, then she catches a wild, spraying load all over her tongue and chin.

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