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Dream Cum True

Date: September 26th, 2012
Duration: 24:01
Imagine waking up to this vision. Staci on your bed, in her underwear, ready to fuck. She's a dream come true. "I love cock," she told us. "I have some friends who don't understand how I can be so horny. I literally want sex all the time! It's a blessing and a curse. When I'm getting laid it's great, but then if I haven't had any cock in a while I'll get cranky. But luckily it's never too hard for me to find someone to fuck!" In this video it's obvious Staci means what she says. The perky-titted teen gladly takes on this cock, moaning and loving it all the way to the end. And the best thing about this cum shot? Staci does the last of the legwork, finishing the guy with her mouth and swallowing his whole load.

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