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Masturbating Minx

Featuring: Taylor Jean
Date: May 25th, 2011
Duration: 13:55
Taylor likes to masturbate, and she likes it when you watch. "I wonder if you're jacking off to me. Rubbing yourself like I'm rubbing myself," she says. "Little, tiny breasts. I hope you like them." Taylor has no need to worry. 18eighteen guys don't just like little tits, they love them! They also love tight, little pussies, and Taylor is more than happy to show hers off. The camera zooms in super close and you can see her pussy juice glistening off her lips and mound. She fucks herself, pretending it's your cock going into her snug slit. She wants you to pretend along with her, and imagine that it's her pussy wrapped tight around your cock while you jerk off. She'd like that!

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