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Hot Cherry Pie

Featuring: Abby Bella
Date: March 22nd, 2010
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"I just started shaving my pussy!" No one has been in Abby's nether regions yet, but she wants to make sure she's fully prepared for when the moment happens. "My girlfriends saw me naked in the gym shower and told me I should shave my bush if I ever expected a guy to go down there." Abby's liking the new sensations. Shaving your pubes off for the first time is kind of like getting a dramatic new haircut. You feel like a different person-more confident, outgoing and in Abby's case, really horny. "My new bald pussy took some getting used to. I kind of missed having a little bush there to pet and play with! But it wasn't too long before I started liking the clean look between my legs and the smooth feel. I realized that my pussy looks good bald, and it feels more sensitive, too! Everything tickled and tingled down there. Even my panties felt good pressed against it. I can't wait to feel a tongue on it. I've heard that guys like to do oral on girls who shave 'cause the hair doesn't get in the way. Well, I'm all ready for them!" This cherry girl has been preparing for her first time in other ways, too. Even virgins know there's more to sex than just opening your legs and getting stuffed.

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June 21, 2017
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