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Staying Tight

Featuring: Abby Paradise
Date: October 3rd, 2014
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Abby finally popped her anal cherry! When we last saw Abby in the July '14 issue she told us she was very interested in anal but broke up with her boyfriend before she could try it. As we assumed, she found someone new to plumb the depths of her asshole. "Yes, I finally did anal, and like I guessed, I loved it! The trick is really to start off slow and gentle until you're comfortable." Tell us more about your first anal sex experience! "The guy and I were making out, and I was just super horny and wet. We started having sex, which felt amazing. I know it sounds funny, but I really just started craving a dick in my ass. I knew it was time, so I told him to stick it in my butt. He eased it in nice and slow, and it was love at first thrust!" Did the guy cum in your asshole? Please tell us he did! "No, he didn't, but now I totally want to try that! I think he was so used to pulling out and spraying my body or face that he just naturally did that when we did anal. He pulled out and came all over my ass. It was a huge load, too! But I would love to feel him shoot a load that big in my asshole. And it's not like I'd have to be worried about getting preggers or anything.

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July 22, 2015
October 06, 2014
I am so passionate about teen girls cunts. Shaven havens! Abby's is beautiful

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