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Flawless Fawn

Featuring: Abby
Date: December 24th, 2012
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Abby, you are so beautiful! Has a lucky guy ever licked every inch of your tight body? "Well, not every inch, but all the important ones, like my pussy and butthole. But I think it would be amazing if a guy worshipped my whole body like that. A tongue bath sounds right up my alley! Mmmm, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. And of course, I'd return the favor with a nice, long blow job! I would offer a tongue bath, but honestly there are some parts on a guy I wouldn't want to lick, you know? [Laughs]." Does your pussy get really wet? "Oh, big time! I always leave a puddle on my sheets whether I'm masturbating or having sex. Even when I ride a guy my pussy juices tend to run all the way down his balls. I'm a wet girl!".

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