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Naughty Nympho

Featuring: Alexis Capri
Date: June 12th, 2009
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Alexis does bad things because she wants to be spanked. She's a brat if ever there were one. Alexis is always in detention for wearing skirts too short and talking back to her teachers. She's a smart ass and know-it-all. She's the spoiled rich girl you used to jerk off to in high school, imagining that you'd shut her up by smacking her ass a few times and putting your cock in her mouth. Amazingly, that's just what Alexis wants, too. Alexis knows she can be a handful. She's just testing her limits. She's seeing what she can get away with and hoping that some older, stronger man will come along and put her in her place. "I have a strong personality so I need someone who is just as strong to make me bend over and beg a little. Not too many guys get me to do that, but if they can I'm all theirs." "I'm a bitch because I'm sexually frustrated." "The truth is, I just want to fuck all the time. But I feel like I'm surrounded by little boys who don't know shit.

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