Applying For The Position

Applying For The Position

This little cutie is about to become a working girl. Meet Ali. She's new to 18eighteen and new to the job market, too. She's a student and soccer player who's been looking for part-time work. "I'd been applying for jobs like crazy, but no place was calling me back. I know the economy has been bad, but sheesh! Luckily my older sister got me an interview at the office she works at. I was so nervous; I was about to pop my interview cherry!" The position was for a customer service rep, and Ali prepared by buying a cute, little outfit for the occasion. "I figured since I don't have work experience, I can at least impress them by dressing nice. My legs and butt are my best features, so I dressed to show them off. I bought these cute heels and this tight skirt that totally hugs my ass. When I first met the guy interviewing me, he totally gave me the once over. I was still kind of nervous at first, but then I started to relax as things got more friendly between us."

Ali got a better position…

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Featuring: Ali Morrison
Date: November 1st, 2010
Photos: 40

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1 year ago 
Photo 31 and 40. A lovely spread and a very inviting grin just makes one want to start chowing down on that meaty pussy and chocolate highway
10 years ago 
Ali, you are an amazingly pretty young lady! If you ever need an older man for a SugarDaddy let me know!

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