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Naughty Academy

Alice just transferred into a new school...
She's excited to be starting her first day of classes. She's been wondering what her new courses will be like, her new professors, her new classmates and whether she'll quickly fit in. She was a cheerleader in high school, so she's not too worried. And at least she knows how to get on all the boys' good side. Alice's innocent looks can't hide her true bad girl nature. She's a horny little teen on the prowl!

You look like an angel, Alice! Are you sure you're really naughty?
"I look super sweet, don't I? But the only really sweet thing about me is my pussy. I used to be super shy but then I realized it can be more fun just going after what you want. Ever since I started having sex a few months ago, I've become addicted to cock! That's why I'm glad to be out of high school. I got caught eating out the head cheerleader after graduation near the school. If we were still students, we would've gotten expelled!"

Wow! So you like to fool around with girls, too?
"Definitely! Girls are totally hot, and Jamie, the cheer captain, was drop-dead gorgeous. She had really big tits even though she was as short as I am, and her pussy was so soft and wet and sweet. I don't like limiting my fucking just because someone's a girl or boy. Besides, I've had a threeway before, with my softball coach and one of the girls on my team. He kept us both after practice. We blew him and then he fucked both of us from behind. One of the best times I've ever had! I love getting it rough, especially from older men."

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Featuring: Alice March
Date: October 4th, 2013
Photos: 43

Member Comments

1 year ago 

One of the best photo sets on

Alice poses in her school uniform, innocently and coyly smiling for the camera. Then, to our masturbatory delight, she begins to strip.

She cautiously shows her white training bra, going on to reveal her small breasts with bulging nipples.

She flashes her crotch, showing a flash of white cotton panty fabric stretched across her privates.

Alice then reluctantly takes down her knickers revealing her delightfully-pube-free vulva and labia.

Gaining confidence she proudly poses, showing off her budding tits and her bald pussy. We are then treated to some close-up pictures of her holding her cunt-hole open. It looks like her vagina is getting wet and lubed up, anticipating being penetrated by a hard cock.

I am happy to say I have ‘joined the club’ of subscribers who have masturbated to orgasm whilst fantasising about spending an evening in Alice’s company, exploring her teen body and taking her virginity.

More sets like this please!

2 years ago 

ALICE is awesome the best so so fine . She has the most beautiful face body & the most amazing pussy lips love when she spreads them open would love to see her piss . Love how she looks in her uniform would love to see her fuck herself in her ass & pussy with a dildo. Love her fingers in her pussy. .Jerking off so much to her photos wish there is a video of her in her uniform. ALICE has made my dick the hardest & cum the most. Shooting massive amounts of cum to her open pussy lips.Love her. Thanks ALICE.

3 years ago 

Oh ALICE so so gorgeous & beautiful !!!!!! Naughty academy is truly her best photos wish there was a video!!!! She made my cock the hardest it's ever been & truly emptied my balls just love her!!!!! Cuming to her photos give my cock so much pleasure & enjoyment!!!! Wishing my cock was in her asshole & pussy while I hump her fabulous ass in photo 20 how wonderful that would be!!!! When she spreads her ass cheeks in photo 23 her asshole looks awesome her pussy lips are outstanding!!!!! ALICE truly has the best pussy lips would love to suck them until she squirts her pussy juice in my mouth!!!!! I would love for her to sit on my cock with it in her ass while she squats up & down it until she makes me cum in her ass!!!! But the best is photo 37 love her with her legs & pussy lips spread would love to pound my cock in her pussy her pussy lips wrapped around my cock her legs around my back I suck her nipples & look at her gorgeous face while i pump my cum in her pussy & get her pregnant how lovely that would be just love ALICE!!!!! Photos 24 & 33 are also excellent to masturbate to but all are favorites Cuming constantly to these photos!!!!! THANKS ALICE!!!!!! THANKS 18EIGHTEEN!!!!!!!

3 years ago 

Alice is always a favorite to drain my balls dry!!!! Wishing my hard cock was pounding her ass & pussy deep cuming in both with her beautiful pussy lips sliding up & down my cock!!!! She is awesome!!! Thanks

3 years ago 

Alice is gorgeous!!Her photos are all favorites!! Her perfect body & cute face keep me so hard.!!! Love her nipples asshole & her awesome pussy lips. Such a beauty. Will be cuming to alice regularly!!!! She definitely gets an A+ !!!!!

6 years ago 

Pic 10 is amazing. Shame there wasn't a man there ready to take her up on the offer of that pose.

8 years ago 

Love this set where she took her little white panties off first!

10 years ago 

please please please do another b/g set with alice getting fucked wearing that uniform!!!!

10 years ago 

When I first saw this set my penis turned to rock! Cute as a button, as young and fresh as they come with not a pubic hair in site! I love the way in which she spreads her buns to reveal her gorgeous shitter - you can almost see what she had for breakfast!

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