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Getting Nippy

Featuring: Alice Upton
Date: December 19th, 2013
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Alice just loves to play dress-up! "Halloween is totally my favorite holiday! Dressing up in costumes is so much fun. I don't care if some of my friends think we're too old to wear them. I think it's a blast. Plus, guys seem to like when I wear a costume. Last year, I was a kitty cat and the year before that a little devil. I thought I'd go for a fairy this time. My favorite part about dressing up, though, is taking it all off for a special guy. This Halloween, I'm letting you guys take a peek!" We're honored! And by the way, can we just say how much we love your nipples? "Thanks! I know they're super puffy. I've never seen any like mine. They're so soft and sensitive.

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December 21, 2018
Wow! Simply WOW!! I cannot wait for TONS of hardcore for her!
November 28, 2017
Alice, your tits make me hornier than any I've ever seen! The last pic in this set shows you off wonderfully with those gorgeous blue eyes and pretty face and smile. WOW you are fantastic.
May 30, 2016
Puffy boobs !!! I cum a lot :)
December 20, 2013
FANTASTIC! OMG! Truly wonderful! PLEASE bring her back for many more photo shoots and videos!!!! GEORGEOUS BODY!
December 20, 2013
What a beautiful young
cock socket! Love the
close up pic of her cunt
and arse hole..just makes
me want to dive straight in
and fuck the shit out of
her! Well done guys, great
December 20, 2013
My new favorite. Would give my left arm to see her wear that costume again for a fuck vid. Thanks 18eighteen.

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