Slutty Schoolgirl

Slutty Schoolgirl

Allie, we love your tartan skirt. Is that what you like to wear when you go to school?
"Yes, I love wearing short, little skirts to school, but I always get in trouble for it. All my teachers hate me because I dress slutty and I flirt with the boys. And what pisses them off even more is that I still get good grades, so they can't do anything."

What do you do when you flirt with the guys in your classes?
"I tease them and I squeeze my tits together so they'll look at my cleavage when I'm talking to them. Or I'll drop something on purpose just so I can bend over and stick my ass in their face. One time I was flirting with this guy in my art class and I totally let him finger me right there. His hand started on my knee and then slowly made its way up. Of course I was wearing a skirt, so eventually he made it to my panties. Then he moved them aside and played with my clit and stuck his fingers in my pussy."

Nobody noticed he was playing with your pussy?
"Yeah. Some…

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Featuring: Allie James
Date: August 3rd, 2012
Photos: 40

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5 years ago 
Allie is such a naughty little schoolgirl. I'd hold her after class every day and teach her how to behave with a nice hard fucking. I'm sure that would keep her in line.

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