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Slip It In

Featuring: Allison Banks
Date: April 6th, 2012
Photos: 45
Hey, Allison. Why are your panties all wet? "I was touching myself while waiting to take these pictures. I was horny! And I thought it would be hot to pull down my shorts and have a pussy-juice stain on my undies." What do you like to think about when you play with yourself? "All kinds of things. If there's a guy or girl who I'm attracted to I imagine what it would be like to fuck them. I think about them licking my pussy. If it's a girl, I imagine going down on her and fingering her until she cums in my mouth. If I'm fantasizing about a guy, I think about sucking his cock and enjoying how big and hard it feels in my mouth. One of my favorite things to think about, and to actually experience, is when the guy first slips his dick into my pussy." Why is that your favorite thing to fantasize about? "Because it feels so good! Up until that point you're really wanting to have sex. Sometimes my pussy will like, throb because it wants a cock inside of it so bad. And the more you want it, the better it feels.

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