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Playing With My Pussy

Featuring: Ally Ann
Date: August 30th, 2010
Photos: 33
Ally, do you have a masturbating ritual? "That's an interesting question because I do actually have a masturbating ritual. I do it in the living room when I'm home alone. That's because I don't have a TV or computer in my room at the moment, and a lot of the time I like to look at porn when I masturbate. So I usually have about two hours in the afternoon to get myself off before my parents get home." Sounds good so far. Please continue. "I get naked, and I make sure I bring a toy and a towel so I don't make a mess. Then I get comfortable either on the couch or on the chair in front of the computer, depending on where I'm going to watch porn. I like videos the most, so when I find something that I like I'll sit back, spread my legs and get to work. When I'm having my afternoon delight, the rest of the world is dead to me. I don't answer my phone or anything. Sometimes when it rings I can't help but snicker to myself because I'm thinking, sorry, I can't come to the phone right now.

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