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Makin' the moves

Featuring: Alyssa Branch and Ivan Nukes
Date: June 11th, 2012
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Do you ever initiate sex? "If I have to. I prefer the guy to do it though. I like feeling like he wants me so bad he can't help himself." Why do you think guys don't make the move sometimes? "I think they're either intimidated or unsure of how I'll react. Fortunately I make it really obvious when I want to fuck someone, so I haven't had to make the first move on a guy too many times." When have you made a move? "Once with this really cute guy, but I can't exactly blame him. We were at a club. It was dead, and I pulled him into the bathroom and started kissing him. He was into it, but not to the point of fucking me right there, which is what I wanted. After dropping some obvious hints I just took his cock out and rode it." .

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August 18, 2012
Loved seeing his finger in your bum while his cock was in your ass. Also liked the cream pie. Thanks!

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