You've probably heard of senioritis before.
In case you haven't, it's what seniors blame their apathy towards school on in their final year. Whether it's skipping or slipping on their grades, someone with senioritis would rather do anything else other than school work. Alyssa has a similar version of this affliction called 'slutitis.' She doesn't want to do anything but fuck.

Alyssa's got it really bad...
"I turned 18 the day before school started and the minute I woke up to get ready for the first day of class, I was a different girl. A really horny girl."

All she wants is sex!
"I'd skip class and forget about homework if I could fuck. I daydream about it in all my classes. I don't care about anything. I just want a cock already!"

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Featuring: Alyssa Jersey
Date: October 26th, 2009
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9 years ago 
I love her asshole

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