G-string Gal

What makes Alyssa stand out? It's more than her guitar picking!
It could be her cute face or her blue eyes. But we're willing to bet that most guys know Alyssa because of her full rack. "Sometimes my friend and I will go into the city to play our guitars on the street. You know, just for fun. She's a way better guitarist than I am but for some reason people always give me the most change! We got into a fight about it once. My friend said that I get the most attention 'cause of my boobs. I told her she was just jealous 'cause she's a flattie."

After their argument, Alyssa and her friend kissed and made up.
Literally. They're those kind of friends. Gal pals who are attached at the hip, and sometimes at the lips. "I knew she wouldn't stay mad at me for long. Especially after I told her to touch my boobs so she'd understand why guys liked them. When she did that she forgot all about our tiff. Then we made out and she sucked on my nipples. We've done that a few times, but we don't go much further than kissing and sucking tits. She's my friend so it might be weird. Plus, I like guys more than girls."

Have you ever done anything with a guy?
"A little bit but not that much. I'm still a virgin. I've made out with guys before and I've given a few hand jobs. I've been fingered a few times, but I've never given or received oral. I came close to giving a blow job once though. The only kind of fucking I've ever done is tit-fucking. And the guy was like, pumping his thingie between my boobs. It was getting really close to my face and I was really tempted to lick it."

So why didn't you put it in your mouth?
"Well, right when I was going to, he came all over the place! It got on my chin, in my hair and in my mouth. I was so not expecting that! I thought I would be mad, but I actually liked it. I thought his cum tasted good, and I licked a little off the tip of his thingie. But I wouldn't consider that oral sex, though. But I'm looking forward to when I finally do get to blow a guy so I can make him cum hard with my mouth. And then with my pussy!"

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Featuring: Alyssa Taylor
Date: November 27th, 2009
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10 years ago 

super cute...what a sexy doll!!!!

13 years ago 

Would love to tiity fuck her

13 years ago 

What a sweetheart, beautiful eyes. Would I love to leave a load on her tits!

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