Brunette Coquette

Brunette Coquette

Prom night has become the new wedding night! When it comes to consummation, anyway. Girls don't wait for marriage (but then again, did they ever?); they're giving it up way sooner. And like so many of her classmates, Amai chose to pop her cherry on her prom night. She's fucked a lot since, but she rehashes that special night from the beginning just for you. "A bunch of my friends rented a limo for prom, and my date was a little bit older than me. He was already in college. He actually had a girlfriend; she was real pretty. Tall and curvy with big boobs. He offered to take me to prom because otherwise I wouldn't have had a date. I thought that was sweet of him." Naive Amai didn't even see her cherrypopping coming! That's what makes her first time even hotter. It was totally unplanned and unexpected! "I really did not think that my date had any other intentions than just escorting me to prom. I didn't even think he was attracted to me since his girlfriend was so voluptuous. But all during prom he was flirting with me, and when we danced he got really close. I could've sworn that I felt a boner, but I told myself it was probably nothing. Then he kissed me! I was so shocked; I totally did not see that coming. We spent the rest of the dance making out like crazy. After prom we were going to go to the beach in the limo and stay at a hotel. Well, on the ride there I was sitting on his lap, and this time I was sure I felt a boner. He started feeling up on me under my dress. I was a little self-conscious because there were other people around, but they were too busy making out to notice that he was fingering me." Amai's first time fucking went on without a hitch! "He took out his cock, and I lifted my dress up from the back. This was all while I was still sitting in his lap. He started rubbing it on my pussy, spreading my juices everywhere. I wanted him to stick it in so bad that I positioned my pussy so that his head was right at my pussyhole. He pushed it in really slow, and I just sat there for a minute feeling it inside of me. I still wasn't sure if anyone around us noticed what was going on, and I didn't care! Everyone else was on the verge of fucking anyway. We started grinding very slowly and subtly. His cock felt sooo big and he kept telling me how tight I felt. When we finally got to the hotel we raced to our room and got under the covers. We were sharing the room with another couple, but they were already fucking. When he got on top of me and entered me that way it felt so good. We had sex the whole night!"

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Featuring: Amai Liu
Date: December 3rd, 2010
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2 years ago 

i would love to bang her pussy and cream pie her!!

2 years ago 

In my opinion, she’s easily the hottest girl on this site. I absolutely love her tight little body. I’d love to bury my face in her pussy, stick my cock in her and fuck her tight little clam. Then I’d flip her over, spread her tight little cheeks and start licking and fingering her pussy and asshole. Then I’d climb up on her, ease my cock into her perfect little asshole and fuck her until I cum in her ass.

13 years ago 

Amai Liu, you are the young Asian fantasy girl come to life!!! Your fine, young body and firm, high tits are the finest of them all!!! No one compares!!!

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