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Ginger Lust

Featuring: Amber Swift
Date: October 15th, 2010
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Remember Amber? She's hot like butter and easy to spread. But she's trying to change her slutty ways..a little bit. Like most horny bad girls, Amber spent too much time fucking around and not enough time studying and doing homework. Now if she wants to graduate on time, she needs to focus on her schoolwork. "I really want to turn over a new leaf this school year. I don't want to fail! I want to graduate and go to college so I can start having some real fun. But that means I have to study and not go on so many dates. But I hate studying! Every time I do it I get so bored. And somehow my hand just makes its way into my panties, and I end up masturbating instead of studying. I don't even notice that it happens. It's like my hand has a mind of its own!" "I think I figured out a way to study.." "Since it's hard for me to focus on schoolwork, and since I'm always horny and I always end up playing with myself, I figured if I cum first then I can study! I tried it and it worked.

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July 10, 2012
Nice to see Amber again. I wish she's leave a small pubic patch to prove she's a redhead!

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