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Little Town Flirt

Featuring: Angie Dove
Date: March 6th, 2009
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Fellas, welcome Angie. She is a smalltown girl with the sexual appetite of a big-city slut. Born and raised in a Nevada town with a population of less than 8,000, Angie didn't know much about the world other than dust and tumbleweeds. Everything in the small desert town was dry, except for Angie's pussy, which was welling with teen juice. Her thirst for sex grew stronger every day, and while she may not have acted on her desires, her lust showed in her behavior. "Where I live, I've always had the reputation of being a flirt. I can't help it. I'm really horny, but I don't want to go around fucking locals. So what else can I do but flirt? I have to let my sexual tension out somehow, and masturbating can only do so much." So why didn't you just satisfy yourself and fuck some of those guys? "Actually, I gave in and let the cutest guy in town pop my cherry. We still hook up sometimes, 'cause he keeps his mouth shut. But after the first time we did it, I wanted sex all the time, even more than when I was a virgin! It was so hard to control myself.

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