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Petite Treat

Featuring: Asia Cherri
Date: September 25th, 2009
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Asia may be tiny, but she can handle big cocks. Don't be afraid to whip it out and stick it in her. Despite her small proportions, Asia's mouth and pussy are almost bottomless while still being a perfectly tight fit for your dick. First things first, she's a pro at sucking dick. All you have to do is watch her scene in Flat & Fucked 2. Asia is an oral wizard. One second she's faced with a big boner, and the next second it has disappeared, almost magically, down her throat. How did she learn to deep throat at the tender age of 18? "I can't reveal my secrets now, can I? Let's just say that I was born without a gag reflex and well, everything else just fell into place. Or should I say, was sucked into place. What I love most about sucking dick is feeling it get harder the deeper it goes into my throat and I love hearing the guy moan because of my skills." Even though she's a great sucker, she's an even better fucker. Back in the Feb. '09 issue, Asia said, "I can live without oral, but not without dick. I have to have something big and hard in my pussy." We agree.

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